A Brand is worthless if it doesn't CONNECT with the right auidience in a relevant way

What does Branding mean to your company? Is it just your logo or just your slogan? This is an important question because what your clients are thinking about your brand is a crucial question, and Brand Wolves is guiding people build their brand in designing, branding and marketing.

In short, we name brand, we give them identities, position them and make them a personalities. We help develop what they do, identify who they do it for, design things, write the word for them, and draw the pictures, photograph, illustrate stuff and create online tools to help their progress and research new ideas.

Different brand elements you should know

Brands typically are made up of various elements, such as:

Name: The word or words used to identify a company, product, service, or concept.

Logo: The visual trademark that identifies the brand.

Tagline or Catchphrase: "The Quicker Picker Upper" is associated with Bounty paper towels. "Can you hear me now" is an important part of the Verizon brand.

Graphics: The dynamic ribbon is a trademarked part of Coca-Cola's brand.

Shapes: The distinctive shapes of the Coca-Cola bottle and of the Volkswagen Beetle are trademarked elements of those brands.

Colors: Owens-Corning is the only brand of fiberglass insulation that can be pink.

Sounds: A unique tune or set of notes can denote a brand. NBC's chimes are a famous example.

Scents: The rose-jasmine-musk scent of Chanel No. 5 is trademarked.

Tastes: Kentucky Fried Chicken has trademarked its special recipe of eleven herbs and spices for fried chicken.

Movements: Lamborghini has trademarked the upward motion of its car doors.